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STA Wand

The Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) System from Milestone Scientific is the first computer-controlled local dental Anaesthetic system where just one injection at a single tooth is all that's needed to scientifically, safely and predictably ensure single-session injection precision. It's even highly effective for multi-quadrant cases. As the dentist advanced the needle the STA system continuously measures and monitors the pressure of anaesthetic solution as it exits the needle tip. When the specific resistance of intraligamentary tissue is identified by the STA system, an audible and visible announcement is given to confirm that the periodontal ligament has been positively reached. Anaesthetic is delivered at a controlled pressure and rate.


More comfort & less anxiety

  • Significantly more comfortable than the syringe.
  • Greatly reduces anxiety.
  • Can eliminate collateral numbness.

More efficient use of their time

  • STA enables bi-lateral mandibular treatment in one visit.
  • AMSA & P-ASA allow smile-line assessment at time of treatment.
  • Can go straight back to work without a numb face.

Greater satisfaction

  • Patients are more satisfied with and prefer The Wand vs. the syringe.
  • More confident that their dental practice has the latest technology.

Digital Radiography

digital radiography

Dental X-rays and diagnostic imaging systems capture static images of teeth, bones, and surrounding soft tissue to help dentists diagnose problems with patients' teeth and jaws. Intra-oral [in the mouth] images are the most common type of dental radiograph; During a conventional intraoral X-ray procedure, the X-ray film is placed inside the mouth and exposed to radiation. While X-Ray films themselves have become technologically advanced so as to need less and less radiation, current DIGITAL technology employs digital sensors that are similar to the ones in digital cameras, to capture an X-Ray image.
Dental on Seventh' has acquired digital radiography so as to provide patients with the benefits of this amazing technology. Digital utilizes approximately 60% lower radiation, produces sharper images, better image storage and permits sharing [eg transmission to specialists ] and instant results. We use the world’s thinnest sensors that minimize discomfort for patients when taking the X-Ray exposure.
Digital imaging also allows specialized image manipulation, such as magnification, image inversion and density mapping. These features are of tremendous benefit when providing therapies such as root-canal treatment or implants.


Light Activated Bleaching

light activated bleaching

In the appearance- conscious world of today, there can be no doubt that an attractive smile is an asset. Most people associate a beautiful smile with tooth colour, and bright teeth have been generally regarded as the main feature of a captivating smile. But teeth take a beating on a daily basis from the food we eat, the many beverages we consume and the habits we have. Most of us acquire tooth stains and discoloration from exposure to particular kinds of food and drinks, and our teeth darken with age in most cases. Then, even a careful clean with the dentist or hygienist does not always quite restore our teeth to their original colour.
'Dental on Seventh' uses the world’s most popular professional light- activated bleaching system available; the 'Zoom 2 Advanced', [as popularized in the TV show- "Extreme Makeover"]. This very popular and time tested bleaching system has the largest number of dental practice installations in the world.
The procedure is safe and the final result is reasonably predictable. In about an hour, light activated bleaching is able to perceptibly alter the shade of your teeth and whiten your smile. Some clinical studies have showed more than 50% of patients generally reached a 'B1'(whiter) shade or better in 45 minutes.


Cavities Detection

cavities detection

Cavities are perhaps the most common dental problem that you are likely to seek professional dental services for. Undoubtedly, the best treatment is the prevention of cavities [‘caries’ or tooth decay is the name given to the dental infection that produces the cavities].
Prevention of dental caries is primarily acheived by high quality home oral hygiene care, a balanced and healthy diet and consistent dietary habits- in short, LIFESTYLE! [Lifestyle of course plays a key role in every facet of health and fitness maintenance, but sometimes compromised health, aging and certain medications can alter the balance of factors in our mouths and thus alter the risk for dental caries];
Regular professional care can enhance the benefits derived from healthy lifestyle. However, in spite of our efforts, some of us remain or become susceptible to caries at some time, and there is hardly a person in NZ who does not have a ‘filling’ in one tooth or more.
A 'filling' needs to seal the void, be smooth,hard,biocompatible and resistant to wet. Obviously there is a limit to how large a cavity can be before the tooth becomes unsalvageable and/or pulp-infected [and therefore extremely painful!]. Timely intervention is therefore of considerable importance; Early detection and appropriate treatment will minimize the amount of tooth structure that is lost, and will thus reduce the risk that the tooth will fall apart later. cavities detection2All tooth-decay results in some degree of weakening of tooth structure. Sometimes, we need to apply considerable expertise to restore as much as we can,the strength, form and appearance of the tooth.
Detecting the presence of caries is not always an easy matter.
At "Dental on Seventh' we provide dental examination under high magnification, digital radiography, 'diagnodent laser detection', and now the very latest latest light fluorescence to reveal the bacteria that cause it.


Computerised Record and Automated Recall System

computerised record automated call system

Our fully computerised practice runs on one of the most advanced practice management softwares available, which makes our practice administration 'easy' [most days!]. We aim to record comprehensive and confidential health data for every new patient, including 'dental base records' which records baseline information about your oral health status when you come into the practice. Every treatment procedure subsequently provided is fully documented as well, which produces comprehensive dental charts and records.
A clear treatment history is then immediately available which usually greatly assists in making accurate diagnosis if you attend with a problem. All communications, including drug and lab prescriptions are included in your own patient file, thus creating a greatly detailed and comprehensive treatment history.
Our automated recall systems also enable you to enact that wise preventative approach to oral health that is so strongly recommended. [The old 'stitch in time saves nine' proverb is worth a ponder at this juncture!].
If you have a preference, we can customise the recall system for you- we can communicate using letters, texts, or emails . Our patients tell us that they find this system helpful yet unobtrusive, and the great thing about it is that there are no direct costs associated with it and that is a benefit we all can enjoy.


Digital Imaging and Education

digital imaging

We have advanced diagnostic and treatment imaging integrated into our practice management systems. We use both macro digital SLR photography, and intraoral video cameras to share what we see with you.
These help us to explain and help you to understand the problem you have presented to us, and you may wish to view the solution-in-progress. The images can further help the dentist by providing highly accurate records. They also help provide a highly magnified view of teeth and other mouth structures for both diagnosis and evaluation of treatment outcomes. The images can support claims on '3rd party' funders, such as ACC, or be forwarded to a dental specialist, dental laboratory, or to 'Pathlab' so as to ensure the best outcome for you.
Digital education systems enable our patients to understand their treatment better and help them to participate in the planning and decision-making process. We use one of the world’s most advanced patient education softwares available. We can show you a 3D animation depicting most kinds of dental treatment. All our operatories are fitted with video screens for patient viewing during consultations or treatment, thereby assisting you to understand proposed procedures enabling you to provide us with truly ‘informed’ consent!



There are occassions when the use of oral or intravenous drugs can help create a sense of tranquillity. We have special training in advanced techniques of sedation which will help to put you at ease and alleviate anxiety.


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