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Conscious sedation

'Dental- on- Seventh has provided conscious-sedation services for many adults requesting dental treatment of various kinds since 1984.

Provided that you are suitably healthy, you can benefit from the relaxation that conscious sedation techniques provide. It is quite common for conscious-sedation patients to be unaware of the procedure they are undergoing, or to remember it afterward. It is also common for patients to think a longer procedure has taken only a short period of time, which is great of course!
Those who have a phobia of dentistry may be ideally suited and will wish to be advised about the possibilities of regaining dental health in this way.
From the dentists point of view, he or she may expect to be able to perform their highest quality of work in such a relaxed environment!

We are especially trained and certified to provide Oral sedation [Tablets].

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or you wish to understand more about sedation services please Contact Us.

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