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Root Canal Therapies

At 'Dental on Seventh' we provide a wide range of general dentistry services, including root-canal Therapies, [which are more correctly called 'Endodontics'].

root canal therapies

Mostly, infected pulps become very painful, and usually develop at a late stage of cavity development. Root canal treatment involves cleansing away not only the infected tooth tissue, but more particularly all of the soft inner tooth tissue, properly called dental pulp (nerve), and then endeavouring to disinfect the internal parts of the tooth completely. This delicate treatment will be needed if keeping the tooth is both necessary and desired by you. However this therapy is reserved for situations when the tooth is not so badly damaged that it cannot be readily fixed adequately; The endodontic treatment eventually needs to be followed by appropriately re-building all the lost tooth structure; We may have to recommend an artificial crown (a perfectly fitting cap) to be cemented in place to further protect the remaining weakened structure of the tooth.
Root canal therapies mostly require two or more appointments.
On some occasions [when the treatment is likely to be very complex, as it can be in some back teeth], we will recommend a referral to an appropriate dental specialist ('Endodontist').

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or you wish to understand more about root canal therapies and/or our general dentistry services please Contact Us.

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