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Implants, Crowns and Bridges

Implants, Crowns and Bridges usually provide the best solutions to repair or replace missing or lost teeth.

Especially with the latest technology, natural looking, artificial teeth can be custom built and fitted to replace missing teeth to regain your smile and chewing function.


gap 1


gap 2gap 3


before bridge


after bridge

Implants provide a long-term, possibly permanent solution to tooth loss. They can be stronger and more durable than other options, and if there is not undue loss of bone from the implant anchor site, it may be possible to create a natural attractive appearance. Dental implants are among the most successful procedures in reconstructive dentistry.
Implants can be used singly to replace just one tooth, or in groups to support a bridge or bridges - ['Implant bridges'] It is not common practice to replace every missing tooth with a single implant, mostly because it simply cannot be done, but generally also because of the extra cost involved.

Dental bridges [bridges across gaps between teeth] are sometimes an alternative to implants, but there needs to be suitable healthy teeth either side of the gap that are strong enough to support the bridge . With dental bridges the artificial tooth - crowns are cemented to the tooth on each side of it. Usually the end anchor teeth have been prepared for crown-like units called bridge retainers. Dental bridges provide a strong and effective way to ‘fill the gap’, usually with less delay than implants, and for a lesser cost.

Key Facts:

  • Implants are titanium post-anchors that are placed directly into the bone
  • A temporary crown or temporary 'abutment' is often fitted to the implant itself, usually at the time of the implant surgery.
  • When the implant becomes firmly anchored ; ie when the bone heals, [this takes 3 - 6 months], a permanent abutment replaces the temporary one and in turn a crown or bridge retainer is attached to that abutment.
  • With dental or implant bridges, a gap of one or more missing teeth may be closed
  • Implants may be used to support dental crowns, bridges or dentures [over-dentures].
  • Length of Treatment: Implant crowns or bridges - require multiple appointments, and typically take clinicians up to six months to complete. Dental crowns or bridges can usually be completed in just two appointments, usually several weeks apart if there is no healing time to account for.


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