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Dental Crowns

At 'Dental on Seventh' we offer a complete range of crown or bridge services, when indicated.


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First though, please allow us to provide a few definitions to help your understanding.
All teeth have a natural crown and a root structure - the natural crown part is the part that is visable above the gum, and it is the part most susceptible to damage by way of decay, trauma, weakness, or discoloration. Often the most seriously damaged teeth presenting for an artificial crown have also been weakened further by the process of gaining access for root canal therapy, and these can present some definite challenges for the dentist.
Artificial Dental crowns can effectively repair and support most extensively damaged teeth. An artificial crown is a customised precision built tooth-shaped 'cap' which is glued over a reduced tooth, and which is designed to relate correctly to its neighbouring teeth and to those teeth which oppose it in the chewing cycle.
The ideal aim of crown [and bridge] dentistry to restore tooth - comfort, shape, appearance, size, and funtion, and to help to prevent further problems by employing an exact technique to produce a perfectly smooth finish with closely fitting margins [joins]. There are a range of crown materials, tooth - preparation designs, and manufacturing techniques to select from. Permanent artificial crowns most commonly are made from various poreclains,various [precious] metal alloys, or a combination of both. They can be made by a [traditional] lost-wax casting technique, fusing of ceramic powders onto metal castings, pressed from molten porcelain into a mould, or scanned then milled using a CAD/CAM process from a solid block of porcelain [various kinds],titanium or gold. We will make a recommendation for you according to the best properties needed for the task.
All metal crowns (commonly gold alloy) provide the greatest strength, and are reserved now for the very back where they cannot be seen.
All ceramic / porcelain crowns tend to be favoured because they generally provide the best natural look. And with the latest developments in porcelain technology these can now be successfully placed on individual back teeth in selected cases.

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