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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges provide an attractive solution to replace missing teeth.

With the latest in technology advancements, natural looking artificial teeth, either single or in groups, can be custom-built and fitted to complete and enhance your dentition.

Dental implants offer a long-term, permanent solution to tooth loss. They have the advantage of adding to those teeth that you have kept, so that you can regain the strength in your bite that you had lost. Dental implants are among the most successful procedures in reconstructive dentistry, [and it can be possible to deliver a very natural look and finish in some cases]

Dental bridges are another option to implants. With dental bridges the artificial tooth/teeth are glued permanently to the teeth at each end of the bridge. Usually these 'anchor teeth' will need to be prepared for artificial crowns first. Dental bridges provide a strong and effective way to ‘fill the gap’, without the delay expected withimplants.

Key Facts:

  • A temporary keeper, [or sometimes a plastic crown] is usually fitted at the time of the implant surgery
  • After the titanium screw is firmly anchored following a bone-healing period of 3 - 6 months, a permanent crown is then fitted
  • Dental bridges can be attached across gaps between teeth or implants, but teeth and implants are rarely combined for bridges. The design of these devices depends on a range of factors..
  • Duration of Treatment: Dental bridges, usually can be completed in just two or three appointments.

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