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Ceramic/Porcelain Crowns

Dental on Seventh provides cosmetic and general restorative dental services.

This includes Ceramic/Porcelain dental crowns. These crowns often provide the perfect solution to restoring damaged tooth/teeth, while maintaining the natural aesthetic appearance and functionality of the tooth/teeth.

Ceramic Crowns: The Advantages

  • They are aesthetically appealing, with the ceramic crown material being tooth coloured
  • It’s an ideal solution for replacing unsightly amalgam fillings, whether it’s purely for visual improvement, or you are replacing cracked, aged, or weakened amalgam fillings
  • With the Ceramic approach, we can preserve as much of the structure of your healthy tooth/teeth, therefore taking a minimally invasive approach
  • With Ceramic, it provides the ultimate approach in dental restoration and appearance, while maintaining the strength of your natural tooth/teeth
  • Ceramic Crowns | Approach and Treatment Ceramic crowns are designed and manufactured off-site by a ceramist dental technician
  • The first appointment usually requires 1-1.5 hours hours. We simply remove any aged, cracked filling, and/or damaged tooth and fully prepare the contour of the tooth for the new tooth coloured crown/cap
  • An impression is taken for the ceramist and a temporary crown fitted to allow 7-10 days for the technician design and manufacture the ceramic crown
  • The Ceramic crown is then bonded to your tooth/teeth, ensuring a tight and effective fit to the contour of the tooth.
  • Immediately after the session you can eat and drink. It’s that quick and that easy!

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or you wish to understand more about Ceramic tooth coloured crowns and/or our dental reconstruction services please Contact Us.

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