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Dental Reconstruction

What is reconstruction and when might it be needed?

A typical case for consideration could be a person in midlife, perhaps with some missing and worn teeth, some of which may have moved toward spaces arising from extractions done a while earlier. There may be multiple heavily restored teeth [big fillings] and some of these teeth may be broken or may have been repaired extensively with filling materials that may not now be up to the task. There may be irregularities in the 'smile-line', and the jaw joints may be forced to adapt to an abnormal series of positions in order for the patient to chew effectively. There may be loss of vertical face height through wear and/or poor jaw position, and this may have a very aging effect on the appearance, and there may be a host of other associated problems such as gum disorders, food impactions and so on.

At 'Dental on Seventh' we provide carefully devised dental-reconstruction plans. Cases under consideration often present with multiple complex problems. Recommended treatments are customised to suit you, and they are founded on a thorough and advanced diagnostic process. Extensive consulting over several visits is provided routinely so that you are fully informed about the process to be proposed prior to requesting the service.
'It is as much about the route as it is about the destination', and this where the problem- solving skills of the dentist are tested the most

Our reconstruction techniques may include utilisation of both special and every-day dental techniques in combination with some or all of the following;

  • Dental implants and bridges to restore missing teeth
  • Dental crown treatment using the latest in ceramic [tooth-coloured] crown technology

Prior to commencing any such work, we promise to take the time to explore with you any options for treatment that may exist, and to fully answer any questions regarding your selected treatment.

We also use the latest proven technology to provide those treatment options that best meet your requirements. The result is usually greater comfort, reduced treatment time and a very attractive and durable outcome.

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or if you wish to understand more about our dental reconstruction services please Contact Us.

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