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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

My front teeth are chipped, what can be done?

Ragged edges and small chips/fractures can often be repaired using a bonding technique. This involves using a tooth coloured filling material to recreate lost tooth structure. Once complete, the result is virtually undetectable. In larger cases, veneers may be necessary to get long-lasting good looks.

My teeth are stained and yellow. Can they be safely whitened?

Yes, dental whitening is widely used now and very successful, but in most cases it should be preceded by a thorough professional clean . Most people can achieve a white, bright smile with just 1 dental appointment, or a lower cost option employs take -home 'trays', [which are a custom fitting soft thin device, like a glove on your teeth], in which case the process will usually take up to 1-3 weeks.
There is no lasting damage done to the teeth and most people experience no problems other than some sensitivity to hot or cold drinks, but this clears away shortly after the whitening is completed.

Should I get rid of my black/silver fillings?

More and more people are now requesting white/tooth coloured fillings. You can either replace them as the need arises, or make the request for us to commence the replacement work . There are usually several ways to restore teeth with aesthetic materials, and we will make recommendations that we believe to be in your best interests so that the fillings will last well and virtually disappear from view.

My old fillings in the front have gone dark. What can be done?

Sometimes these fillings can be rejuvenated by simply repolishing their surface. Other times however, they require replacement in order to properly blend in.

I have a front tooth that has gone dark. Can this be whitened?

Yes, Dark teeth are quite a common problem and is usually associated with a root-filled tooth which has darkened gradually following an injury. Often this can very simply be improved using a whitening technique just on that tooth.
However, if the dark tooth is not root-filled, but diseased, it will need root canal therapy first.
Whitening may be ineffective if there has been a lot of previous damage to the tooth, in which case we may recommend an artificial crown to restore both the appearance and the future prospects for your precious front tooth!

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